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With only twelve days until the LA's April 10 primary, we begin a series of interviews with the leading mayoral candidates. Scheduling demands that commercial developer Steve Soborroff and State Controller Kathleen Connell share the spotlight today. Next week we'll feature the other four leading candidates and zero in on races for city council, school board, city attorney and city controller as well as the race to replace the late Congressman Julian Dixon. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Power Rate Hike Puts Heat on Governor - As Southern California Edison begins repaying the state for January and February power purchases, Governor Gray Davis is asking lawmakers to spend another half-billion for power purchases. Steve Maviglio, press secretary for Governor Davis, joins us with an update.
  • Reporter's Notebook:The 'Puck' Stops Here in Hollywood - With only two days until a Los Angeles culinary institution before closes shop, we take a look at Spago. Patrick Kuh is a restaurant reviewer for Los Angeles magazine, and author of a book on American's Culinary Revolution. He takes a look back at Wolfgang Puck's earliest "entree" into the world of haute cuisine.

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