Election, Secession, Energy, and the Zapatistas

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PUC Rate Hike - Earlier this week, the California Public Utilities Commission boosted electric rates for heavy power users. Doug Heller, of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, accuses the PUC of acting at the behest of the governor, branding the hike a ransom for utilities that provides no neither financial relief nor additional energy for consumers.

Zapatista Rebels Test Mexico's Congress - Masked Zapatistas were center stage on the floor of the Mexican Congress today. Speaking on behalf of Subcomandante Marcos, Comandante Esther addressed the nation, proclaimed an end to the rebels' military mission and the beginning of their political struggle. Juan Villoro, author and culture critic for the Mexico City daily La Jornada, has more.

  • Newsmaker: Study Finds San Fernando Valley City Viable - A city in the San Fernando Valley separate from LA is financially viable according to a comprehensive study by the agency that will determine whether secession should come before voters. LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, who sits on the commission, talks about the decision that must be approved by both LA and Valley voters.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LA Mayoral Race and Police Reform - Tomorrow we begin a series of one-on-one interviews with the major candidates in LA's mayoral race. One pivotal issue the new mayor will face is police reform. Joe Domanick, former columnist for the LA Weekly, surveys the candidates' responses to reform, and explains the integral role voters will play in deciding the fate of the LAPD.

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