Evaluating the Success of Proposition 36

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It's been one year since the implementation of the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, which promised to save taxpayer money by sending drug offenders to treatment facilities rather than to prison. While Proposition 36, which was approved by 61 percent of California voters, has kept thousands out of prison, the jury is still out on whether those treated will stay out of prison and off drugs. Can the annual statewide allocation of $ 120 million for treatment and enforcement cover all that's required to keep thousands of users from abusing? We hear from a young man who's just completed his 9-month treatment, the director of a watchdog group established to monitor the implementation of the proposition, and the executive director of the California District Attorneys Association. Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: Longshore Union Contract Expires without Agreement At the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the Pacific Maritime Association and Longshore Union have vowed to continue negotiations beyond tonight-s contract expiration. The temporary no-strike agreement will keep some $ 260 billion dollars in merchandise flowing to stores via 29 major ports. Mark Edward Nero, trade and transportation reporter for the Long Beach Press Telegram, is following the action.

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