Exchanges and Medi-Cal: Rolling out Obamacare in California

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Seven million Californians don't have health insurance, but many will be eligible for coverage in January,  2014. There's just over a year to prepare for a massive expansion of Medi-Cal for the poor and to set up an exchange, called California Covered, where the uninsured can find out what policies are available and how to apply.  We hear from people trying to clear up a lot of confusion because the only way to keep costs down is to enroll as many healthy consumers as possible. Also, petroglyphs carved thousands of years ago have been cut down by vandals and hauled out of the mountains near Bishop in the Eastern Sierra. We hear about a tragic loss--especially to contemporary Native Americans. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, David Petraeus, and the "surveillance state."

Banner image: jasleen_kaur/flickr