Farm Workers

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Charlie Jezcek: Assistant director, General Accounting Office education and employment issue area. Principle investigator on report on labor needs in agriculture. Richard Rogers: Los Angeles District Director, Immigration and Naturalization Office. Roy Gabriel: Legislative Director, California Farm Bureau Mark Grossman: Director of press organizations, United Farmworkers. Former press secretary for Cesar Chavez. Congressman Bob Smith: Republican Congressman from Oregon's second district, which covers 20 mostly rural counties across the state. His bill, HR 2377 proposes expanding the temporary agriculture workers program. Congressman Howard Berman: Democratic Congressman from LA. Has been working on farmworker issues since joining the California Assembly. Dan Stein: Executive Director, Federation for American Immigrant Reform. Ana Pagan: Assistant Director, Administrative Services Bureau, Kern County Department of Human Services. David Leibhold: Jakarta based reporter for Time Magazine.

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