Fast Track

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David Marchik: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Trade Policy and Programs. Lori Wallach: Director of Global Trade Watch, the trade program of Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group. Harvard trained trade lawyer. Howard Berman: Democratic Congressman from Mission Hills, representing the 26th Congressional District. Henry Waxman: Democratic Congressman from Los Angeles, representing the 29th Congressional District. Martina Johnson: Executive Director, California Council for International Trade. Judith Barish: Communications Director, California Federation of Labor. Bob Vice: President, California Farm Bureau Federation. (This is a membership organization, not a state department)Dr. Corinne Peek-Asa: Research Director of Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center. CO-author of new report on the relationship between gang homocides and joblessness. Ben Bycel: President, University of West Los Angeles. Former executive director of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission.



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