Film Blockbuster Mania

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PETER DEKOM: Management consultant on the industry, currently building entertainment centers in Asia. Former entertainment lawyer to high profile clients including heads of studios, John Travolta, Rob Reiner, George Lucas, Spelling Entertainment. ARTHUR E. ROCKWELL, CFA : Director of Institutional Research at Yeager Capital Markets, specializes in the entertainment, leisure and media industries. He has previously served as a corporate executive at both MGM/UA Entertainment Co. and Turner Entertainment Company. STEPHEN FARBER: Critic at Movie Line for the past 6 years, also has written reviews for the New York Times among others. Author of several books including, most recently, "Hollywood on the Couch." Teaches film classes for UCLA extension, most notably the Sneak Preview class. CHRIS GODSICK: Executive Producer at WCG Entertainment, John Woo's production company, produced "Broken Arrow" and the summer hit "Face Off." Formerly an agent at William Morris Agency who's responsible for introducing Hong Kong action talent to the United States. CASSIAN ELWES: Vice President of William Morris Agency, Independent Features Division. Began as an independent movie producer in the 1980s. DOUG BROWN: Partner at Regent Properties in Beverly Hills, a national real estate development company. The Principal on the URBAN ENTERTAINMENT CENTER projects. Tom Lieser: Associate Director UCLA Business Forecasting Project DIGITAL EFFECTS BUSINESS: Staff Reporter for Los Angeles Business Journal



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