Florida Judge Rules for Bush in Recount

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After back-to-back defeats today from the US Supreme Court and Florida Circuit Court, time is running out for Al Gore. It appears that the presidential candidate's last best hope is an appeal to Florida's State Supreme Court. We'll review the legal, practical and psychological implications of today's events with Michael Schroeder, chair of the California Republican party; Art Torres, chair of the California Democratic party, political editors, and legal experts.
  • Newsmaker: Update on Florida Court Ruling - A Florida judge today handed an agonizing defeat to the Gore campaign today denying every request put to him by Gore's attorneys. Michael Isikoff, political correspondent and investigative reporter for Newsweek magazine, says it will be difficult for Florida's Supreme Court to disagree with today's ruling.
  • Reporter's Notebook: If the Vote Were Flawless in Florida - If the Florida election were glitch-free, Gore would have won says Steve Doig, professor of journalism at Arizona State University. The former research editor, pollster, and state capital bureau chief for the Miami Herald, says he simply analyzed the state's 195,000 uncounted ballots with a "spread sheet approach". (Rebroadcast from To The Point, heard earlier today.)



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