Florida Recount and Rampart Update

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Republicans insist it's time for Gore to go but Democrats say it's not over yet. With Bush's Florida lead down to 327 votes, some counties are recounting ballots by hand, and the only thing certain is that it will be next week before we know anything. We'll get an update from political columnists and reporters including nationally syndicated columnist and NPR commentator Matt Miller, the executive director of the Republican party of Wisconsin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and the man in charge of the hand recount in one of four Florida counties.
  • Newsmaker: Rafael Perez's girlfriend first revealed that her lover's part in cover-up murders, but then recanted. Ed Lazarus, former US attorney in LA, and writer on legal issues for the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post, and columnist for the legal 'zine' findlaw.com, responds to the recantations and the response they elicited.
  • Reporter's Notebook: With less than three weeks until his inauguration, Mexican President-elect, Vicente Fox, was in LA last night to address MALDEF, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund. KCRW's Kristen Muller reports that he told a mostly Mexican-American audience they have a role in Mexico's future.



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