Florida Supreme Court Rules for Gore on Recount

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After numerous losses in court after court, Gore won a big one in Florida as its Supreme Court reduced Bush's official lead and ordered a statewide manual recount. We ask legal experts, including representatives of the Gore and Bush camps, if the court's decision is bullet-proof or bullet-riddled, and weigh the options of the state legislature, US Supreme Court and Congress, all of which may now get into the act.
  • Newsmaker: Explaining the Supreme Court Decision - Florida's State Supreme Court split 4-3 in giving Al Gore his big win. The majority cited state law, based on the state constitution, as its principal authority. One of the dissenters was Chief Justice Charles Wells. Viveca Novack, Washington-based legal writer for Time magazine, explains the court's decision to us.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Death of Julian Dixon - LA Congressman Julian Dixon has died at the age of 66. Once the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Dixon was a 22-year veteran of Congress. Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Walters speaks with us about her late colleague and friend.



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