Florida Supreme Court Stays Final Tally

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Whoever the next president may be, we won't know tomorrow. Today's decision by a Florida trial court made Bush the likely winner, but late today the State Supreme Court put Florida's election on hold by ordering the Secretary of State not to certify the final vote count tomorrow. Members of Florida's Congressional delegation join Barbara Boxer (D-CA), David Dreier (R-CA), CNN's Bill Schneider and others, to consider whether the continuing uncertainty is good law - or even good politics.
  • Newsmaker: Report on the Florida's Supreme Court Decision -- Warren Richey, legal reporter for the Christian Science Monitor joins us from Broward County, Florida, to give us the latest on today's judicial decisions in this "overtime" Presidential campaign.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Collision of Two National Pastimes - Today, Florida's in the eye of America's political storm. But tomorrow night the presidency takes a backseat to football when Florida State goes up against Florida. Gerald Ensley, a former sports reporter currently with the Tallahassee Democrat, says that football fans beat political reporters to the goal line for Tallahassee hotel rooms this weekend.

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