Food Access in Los Angeles: A Tale of Two Cities

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On this day before Thanksgiving, we compare the quality of what people eat in different parts of the Los Angeles region. How can more people get better food? Also, California's next Attorney General will be an African-American woman, the current Democratic District Attorney of San Francisco, whose campaign made history in more ways than one, and the LA Auto Show isn't all about concept cars, electrics and hybrids. We hear how low riders fit in. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, yesterday's North Korean attack on South Korea was one of the most provocative since the Korean War. Does it leave the US with any good options?

Banner image: A volunteer stocks shelves at a regional food bank. As the US continues to struggle through the recession and unemployment is at record highs, food banks are seeing an increased demand as the holiday season approaches. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images



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