Food Truck Safety: Public Health Problem or False Alarm?

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LA County officials concede they have never inspected some 40% of the 3200 vehicles that are part of the food-truck frenzy that's given new meaning to the term "eating out." Not all the trucks have letter grades like restaurants because inspectors say there's no way to find them. The mobile food industry says that's only true for "roach coaches," not the gourmet trucks that publicize their locations. Also, LA Police Commission Chair Steve Soboroff talks about cops that disable the cameras that monitor their behavior — and the future of Chief Charlie Beck.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, the next summit of world leaders on climate change will be next year in Paris. On Sunday, the UN's International Panel of Climate Scientists will outline what needs to be done. Will it generate the political will for preventive action or is it time to re-frame the issue?


Banner image: Wilshire Boulevard food trucks. Photo: Eric Allix Rogers