For Toyota, How Bad Will It Get?

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Twenty-five percent of the cars sold in California are Toyotas, so the safety problems with some models are of special importance. But Toyota worked hard to be number one in automobile sales throughout the US, and it carefully cultivated its reputation for quality and reliability. Last month, sales nationwide declined by some 16% while the sales of other cars were on the increase. On this rebroadcast of today's To the Point,  how long did Toyota know about the problems before announcing the recalls? Will the repairs work? How serious are the latest concerns? How can Toyota recover from the tarnishing of its image?

Banner image: Ray LaHood testifies before a Congressional committees on Capitol Hill. The Transportation Secretary spoke to the media later to clarify on the remarks he made during the hearing whether Toyota owners who are affected by the recall should drive their vehicles. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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