Foreign Reaction to the US Elections

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The US likes to call itself the world's best democracy. But as the Florida hand count continues, foreign countries go from congratulations to confusion. Are they having a good laugh or are they worried about the foreign-policy consequences of a divided America? We get perspectives from Great Britain, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Japan on how American electoral gridlock looks from overseas. (Special rebroadcast of To The Point which aired earlier today.)
  • Newsmaker: Nine years ago, Malibu incorporated as a city to stop construction of a sewer line residents thought would lead to excess development. Now state water officials are blaming pollution in Santa Monica Bay on seepage from Malibu septic tanks. Heal the Bay's Mark Gold says the city should take responsibility for their waste water management problems.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Temporary storage for nuclear waste is filled nearly to capacity all over the US, but the need to store uranium, which stays radioactive for thousands of years, continues. Is San Onofre, on the coast of San Diego County, the right place to store highly reactive waste? We get opposing views from Ray Golden, spokesman for the San Onofre facility, and Mark Massara, of the Sierra Club.

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