Fox Inauguration in Mexico & US Election

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After 70 years of one-party rule, all eyes are on Mexico's presidential transition. Some see Vicente Fox's swearing in tomorrow as the triumph of democracy, others as the beginning of disorder and chaos. Today Mexican politicos and opinion makers share their views about their peaceful revolution as a new president prepares to govern with the opposition still firmly entrenched. (Broadcast earlier today on To The Point.)
  • Newsmaker: The Latest from Tallahassee - Ballots from Palm Beach County have arrived in Tallahassee where they'll be joined tomorrow by more ballots from Miami-Dade. Saturday, Circuit Court Judge N. Sanders Sauls will decide how many, if any, of the 1.1 million should be counted or recounted. We get the latest from Tim Nickens, political editor of the St. Petersburg Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Florida Freeway Chase - Even a history-making presidential election boasts a TV freeway chase. Today, on orders from a Florida judge, 462,000 ballots were trucked from Palm Beach to Tallahassee before a convoy of news helicopters. Bob Ward, who was lead writer on the TV series Miami Vice, makes the inevitable comparison to OJ Simpson's televised ride through LA.



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