Funding for L.A.'s Cultural Institutions

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After a string of corporate mergers, Los Angeles is left with just two Fortune 500 companies. Can it still count on corporate largess to maintain L.A.'s civic culture? Without vibrant major institutions can LA claim to be a great city? Or will ever-unconventional Los Angeles do it differently from older cities? What about Hollywood, the newly rich and local foundations like the Getty? Today's guests debate the funding future of the arts after the sale of the Los Angeles Times. Guests include Ernest Fleischman, Steve Lavine and James Burks. The Newsmaker features an interview with Dade Hayes, a staff reporter at Variety, about the protest by Gay and Lesbian groups Tuesday morning at Paramount Studios in protest against the studio-s plans to air a television show featuring controversial radio personality Laura Schlessinger. On Reporter's Notebook- a talk to the ACLU about where they stand on protests against a proposed Paramount Pictures show hosted by controversial conservative radio show personality Dr Laura Schlessinger.



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