Gambling with California's Future?

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It's been a year since Prop 1A brought gambling to rural Indian reservation casinos. Now efforts are underway to open casinos in populated urban centers and to welcome Nevada casinos as operating partners. Will Prop 1A result in the proliferation of casinos across the state? What effect will they have on a community's economy and social fabric? We hear from a legal gambling expert, the chairman of the tribe that operates a casino in Palm Springs, and Leo McCarthy, former State Lieutenant Governor who served on a national committed that studied the economic impact of legal gambling in the US. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: The Census Controversy - The Census Bureau has recommended against using statistical sampling to adjust the 2000 census despite estimates that at least three million Americans, mostly minorities, were overlooked. Congressman and mayoral candidate Xavier Becerra says the undercount will mean a substantial loss of federal money to LA government over the next decade.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Film Festival Explosion - Southern California has seen an explosion of film festivals over the past few years. The popular trend lets film-goers skip the trailers and mix with the makers of independent films that have been orphaned by the demise of local art houses. Chris Gore, festival-goer and editor of, elaborates on the advantages of so many festivals.

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