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Eli Quinonesc: Four year resident of Orion Street, in the area where Councilman Richard Alarcon is seeking an injunction against gang activity. Richard Alarcon: LA City Council member, representing the 7th district, the NE San Fernando Valley. Tom Hayden: State Senator from Los Angeles, currently sponsoring a bill to create a statewide Gang Task Force, which would include ex gang members. James Hahn: Los Angeles City Attorney. Reverend Robert Shipp: Associate Minister of the New Bethel Baptist Church in Venice. Has been trying to broker a truce among local gangs. Former Shoreline Crip. Lt. Robert Hagler: Chair of CGNAC (pronounced Cognac; stands for California Gang Node Advisory Committee). Supervisor, Fresno County Sheriff's CRASH Team (Combined Resources Against Street Hoodlums). John Crew: Director, Police Practices Project, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.



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