Gays on TV

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MAXINE LAPIDUS: Consulting Producer/writer for "Ellen" this past season, she has also written on such shows as Roseanne and Home Improvement . PETE LaBARBERA: President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and publisher of the Lambda Report on Homosexuality. He is also an analyst for the Cultural Studies Department of the Family Research Council, a pro-family think tank based in D.C. LORI JEAN: Executive director of the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. RICHARD GOLDSTEIN: Executive Editor at Village Voice, wrote the recent article "No Sex, Please, We're Gay." MICHAEL JOHNSTON: President of Kerusso Ministries, (providing ministry to those struggling with homosexuality), and the host of "Truth Under Fire," a weekly radio program that monitors the homosexual movement. He rejected his homosexual identity in 1988 (after contracting HIV). JUDY WHEEDER: Editor and Chief of the Advocate. SHERIFF SHERMAN BLOCK: Sheriff for LA County Sheriff's Department. CLAUDIA CAPLAN: Member of the Morning Star Commission and Chair of the Research Committee that recently completed a study on the portrayal of Jewish women in film and television.




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