Giving HIV = crime?

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STEVE MUNIE: Deputy District of Amador County. He attempted to prosecute an HIV+ man who intentionally exposed several women to AIDS. He worked with Senator Rainey in authoring the SB 705 bill HOWELL SIMMS: Executive Director of Santa Monica AIDS Project, an agency serving people with AIDS and people at risk of AIDS SENATOR RICHARD RAINEY: Republican Senator who authored Senate Bill 705 TAYLOR FLINN: Staff attorney at American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, specializes in rights of lesbians and homosexuals and people with HIV and AIDS JUDY WATERSON: A California resident who's case inspired Senator Rainey's bill DR. MICHAEL STEIN: Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University School of Medicine and director of HIV activities at Rhode Island Hospital AMY PYLE: Education writer for the Los Angeles Times MARION PACK: Media coordinator for Ward Valley



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