Governor Davis and Politics of the Energy Crisis

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Having inherited a flawed scheme for energy deregulation, Governor Davis must now manage the energy crisis it's created. Thus far, he's floundered in his efforts to avoid a consumer rate hike or a utility bankruptcy. Now appears that he will be unable to avoid rolling blackouts. An increasing chorus has begun questioning Davis' political clout and credibility to deal with the major players. We get a sample of these mixed reviews from a critic and a defender. Bill Bradley served on the now defunct LA County Energy Commission. Garry South is the governor's senior political advisor.
  • Newsmaker: Implications of New County Budget - Tomorrow LA county supervisors will get a 16 billion-dollar budget proposal. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky says that energy costs, which have doubled since last year, have pushed the county to look for cheaper power. He offers some thoughts on funding for health services that have also been affected by budgetary demands.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Cox Chides Democrats for Energy-less Faith - After a bipartisan meeting with Governor Davis, Christopher Cox and fellow California Republican congressmen have called for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to slash wholesale power prices. Cox, rumored as a possible appointee to the 9th circuit court of appeals, criticizes deregulation and chides Democrats for a lack of faith in Washington.

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