Governor Davis Cuts 2.7 Billion from State Budget

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California's state deficit is 12 billion dollars, but Governor Davis' budget, which was officially released today, has only 5.2 billion in spending cuts. The balance will come from borrowing from future tobacco funds and other financial shifts. Public safety and crime prevention would get full funding. But the governor's plan may turn out to be easier said than done since a lot can happen before the legislature takes final action on June 30. We get a preview from Democratic Assemblyman Tony Cardenas and Republican Senator Dick Ackerman, as well as special interest groups on the right and left.
  • Newsmaker: Nevada Site Chosen for Nuclear Waste Dump
    With the approval of Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, Nevada's Yucca Mountain edges closer to becoming the permanent storage site for radioactive waste that's piling up at nuclear power plants all over the US. All that's left is a final decision by President Bush. Bob Loux, Executive Director of Nevada's Agency for Nuclear Projects, voices concerned that approval of the site is based on faulty information.

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