Governor-elect Schwarzenegger Meets the Press

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Arnold Schwarzenegger held his first press conference today as Governor-elect of California. It was a polished performance by a media pro - full of gratitude to the people of California, politicians of both parties and even the press corps itself. There were no new specifics about solving the state-s fiscal problems, but there was no backing away from campaign promises, either. His wife, Maria Schriver, will be California-s first lady and also go back to her job as a part-time reporter for NBC News. The transition team will be led by Republican Congressman David Dreier. Tonight, we will hear Schwarzenegger in his own words on dealing with Democrats, relations with President Bush, undocumented workers and the environment. We will ask legislators of both parties if the movie star turned politician is getting off to a good start.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Scharzenegger's New Role
    How does the former actor look in this new role to a veteran reporter in Sacramento?



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