Governor Schwarzenegger-s Political Power

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-Big man, big money, and a big state bond- is the headline in today-s San Francisco Chronicle, which says that Arnold Schwarzenegger has become -the biggest force California politics has seen in years.- Though there-s no doubt that the Governor won a big political victory yesterday, when voters approved his $15-billion bond measure, Schwarzenegger's popularity and salesmanship didn-t do it alone. Help from the Democrats was a big factor-and he may need it again. If there-s continuing gridlock in Sacramento, how often can he go back to the voters? We look at the prospects for financial stability and political reform in a state that remains as polarized as it-s ever been with pollster Mark Baldassare and Phil Matier, who wrote today's Chronicle story.
  • Making News: Nearly Half of Shareholders Withhold Support for Michael Eisner
    In Philadelphia today, CEO and Board Chairman Michael Eisner told shareholders, "I love this company." Unhappily, for him, 43 percent of those voting replied that they didn-t like him. Carl Diorio, business editor of Variety, says that even though Eisner's job isn't in jeopardy, the no-confidence vote may force Disney to split the two jobs, with former Senator George Mitchell becoming the leading candidate to replace Eisner as chairman.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Bush Launches Re-Election Campaign in Los Angeles
    President Bush is visiting California, where he-ll talk about an improving economy and government contracts for faith-based social services. He-ll also be raising money in a state where four years ago, he lost big to Al Gore, and where neither his father nor Bob Dole even bothered to campaign. Shanto Iyengar, professor of communication and political science at Stanford University, considers what Bush can expect from California and its most popular politician since Ronald Reagan.

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