Governor Schwarzenegger's Budget Woes

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Rebuffed by the Legislature on Friday night, aides to Arnold Schwarzenegger say the Governor is threatening to take his borrowing plan and spending cap direct to the voters-with a lot of other initiatives thrown in for good measure. How will it feel if the Governor goes over their heads? Have they really failed to get the message of the recall election? Is there still time to work out a deal? In the meantime, will there be massive spending cuts to avoid an increase in taxes? We ask Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Weintraub, and Republican John Campbell and Democrat Jenny Oropeza, both of whom who sit on the Assembly Budget Committee.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: San Francisco Mayoral Race
    Former President Bill Clinton is on the campaign trail again, this time for a candidate in the San Francisco mayoral race. That contest pits Democrat Gavin Newsom against Green candidate Matt Gonzalez in a race to replace outgoing Mayor Willie Brown. Joan Walsh, managing editor of, has more on the candidates, tomorrow's election, and why so many Democratic leaders have jumped onto the endorsement bandwagon.

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