Green Thumbs in a Sprawling Metropolis

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Victory Gardens were all the rage during World War II, producing a significant percentage of the nation's fruits and vegetables. Now, massive agri-businesses provide most of what we eat, but gardens are making a comeback and last year, the LA Times reported there were more working gardens in Los Angeles than at any time since the World War II-era Victory Gardens. The biggest one in Los Angeles was the urban 14-acre farm in South Central LA, shut down last week by the landowner who wants to develop his property. Where are the farmers going? How extensive is the "community garden" movement in the Los Angeles area? Who decides which land is used, and who makes the rules? We hear from community, gardeners and policy experts.
  • Making News: Mayor Villaraigosa's School Takeover Plan in Trouble?
    Mayor Villaraigosa is back in Sacramento for two days of lobbying for legislative help in taking over the LA Unified School District. Although he has the support of Governor Schwarzenegger, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nu--ez told him last week he's in trouble with the Democrats who control the Legislature. Harrison Sheppard, who reports from Sacramento for the Daily News, looks at the Mayor's attempt to turn lobbyist in Sacramento.

Sheppard's article on Mayor Villaraigosa fighting to save his LAUSD plan

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