Grocers, Aerospace and the Southern California Economy

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Main Topic, Part #1: Is Grocers- Tough Stance Preventing a Contract Compromise?
Today, just as supermarket officials and the striking grocery union were about to resume negotiations, State Attorney General Bill Lockyer announced an investigation into the revenue-sharing deal that-s designed to help the market chains weather their labor troubles. David Greenberg, who broke the story in the Los Angeles Business Journal, has more on the investigation of possible antitrust violations and what it could mean for the market-chains- strategy.

Main Topic, Part #2: Do Controversies at Boeing Impact California?
Another big business story that could have a significant impact on Southern California is the crisis of confidence in the Boeing Company. Peter Pae, aerospace and defense reporter for the LA Times, explains how a federal investigation, the Pentagon's decision to delay a pending lease-purchase deal, and the resignation of CEO Philip Condit could impact the region's biggest private employer.

  • Making News: State Treasurer Launches Drive against Schwarzenegger Budget
    Governor Schwarzenegger is barnstorming the state to push for a spending cap and a $15 billion bond sale to pay for the State-s past debts. Now a prominent Democrat says he-ll be doing some barnstorming against the Schwarzenegger plan. State Treasurer Phil Angelides says state legislators need to cut lesser priority programs and raise taxes rather than mortgages the future of our grandchildren by saddling them with our debt.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Parents of Troops Visit Iraq
    Despite constant military action and State Department warnings, anyone with a US passport can go to Iraq. So, several wives and parents of American soldiers stationed there have gone there to see for themselves what-s happening on the ground. Mike Lopercio, whose son Anthony is on his second tour of duty, is on the trip organized by Global Exchange, an international human rights group that-s opposed to the US invasion and occupation. (This segment was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)

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