Guest Workers Needed?

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Farmers near the Mexican border say there won-t be enough workers to pick winter vegetables this year. In the Central Valley, the grape harvest extended into October because of a shortage of farm workers. In Washington late today, Republicans on a House Committee voted to crack down on illegal immigrant labor both at the border and in the workplace - but they made no provision for the "guest-worker" program President Bush has been advocating.
  • Making News: Tookie-s Clemency Hearing
    After a closed-door hearing this morning in Sacramento, the fate of a convicted killer is now in the hands of Governor Schwarzenegger. If he refuses to grant clemency, Williams is scheduled to die next Tuesday by lethal injection. Lawyers for and against the execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams were promised 30 minutes apiece with Governor Schwarzenegger this morning, but the closed-door hearing lasted for more than an hour and a half. Our guest, Jennifer Warren was at the State Capitol for the LA Times.



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