Hard-Core Politicking over Budget-s Red Ink

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California-s mind-boggling budget deficit could mean increased taxes and cuts in spending. However it turns out, it-s pitting business against education, pubic safety against social services, and Republicans against Democrats. Majorities want to spend more, not less, on their favorite programs, and there-s almost an even split on whether taxes should be higher or lower. Meantime, the latest statewide poll by the Public Policy Institute of California shows that 95% are worried about the state-s budget crisis, 95% are afraid of cuts in education, health care or the environment. We get a progress report from Republican and Democratic consultants in Sacramento about the prospects for solving the worst fiscal crisis in state history.
  • Making News: Chief Says Internal
    It-s been months since former cop Rafael Perez told federal prosecutors that members of LAPD anti-gang units were framing suspects and selling drugs. Ever since, the Police Commission has been waiting for an internal report on the so-called -Rampart Scandal.- Now, the LAPD-s new Chief, William Bratton, says there is no internal report worth reading. Scott Glover has reported on Rampart from the beginning for the LA Times.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Surging Gasoline Prices
    Gasoline prices have reached around $2 a gallon and still going up. Today-s LA Times reports that -talk at the pumps is turning ugly,- with rumors of price gouging. At least one presidential candidate wants an investigation. What would it find? Jeremy Bulow, former chief economist for the Federal Trade Commission, attributes the rising price to the threat of war in Iraq and explains the disparity in gas prices across the country.

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