Hearings on El Toro; LA County Health Authority

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Segment #1: El Toro Hearing
By a margin of 3 to 2, and despite recent polls that show dwindling public support, Orange County Supervisors are moving ahead on plans for a commercial airport on the former El Toro Marine Base. Today, the Board held a daylong hearing on the environmental impact report. Peter Larsen, who covered the meeting for the Orange County Register, explains the Board's steadfastness and updates public sentiment, including ongoing efforts to put an "great park" initiative on the March ballot.

Segment #2: LA County Health Authority
Los Angeles County Supervisors are continuing their heroic struggle to keep the county's failing health care system afloat. From overcrowded psychiatric emergency rooms to federal budget cuts that threaten a system wide deficit of 800 million dollars, the demand for massive countywide health care reforms is undeniable. Critics say it's time for the Board to pass its authority on to medical professionals. Mark Haefele, of the LA Weekly, offers his own prognosis on the gravely ill health system.

  • Newsmaker: City Council Approves Billion Downtown Project - The LA City Council has unanimously approved a billion-dollar project to reinvent downtown. Councilwoman Jan Perry shares her enthusiasm for the project that will convert 27 acres of shabby buildings and parking lots into a vital retail, dining and entertainment hub and help LA compete internationally with other convention destinations.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Davis Hires High-Priced Legal Team to Browbeats Youths about Shoddy Schools - The American Civil Liberties Union has sued the state on behalf of parents and children who claim that California schools are unclean and inadequate. The San Francisco Chronicle's Nanette Asimov explains why the governor hired high priced private lawyers to provide a defense that had witnesses angry, frightened and in tears.

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