Heat Wave Heats Up Power Politics

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California escaped rolling blackouts yesterday only because every generating plant in the state was running full blast and residents cut back on electricity. Today, temperatures were dropping a bit, there's still big demand on an aging system. With record heat expected between now and September, will there be enough power? With Democrat Phil Angelides complaining that Governor Schwarzenegger's energy policy is "pray for mild weather," we look for answers with political and business reporters, energy experts and the spokesman for Cal-ISO, the Independent Systems Operator that controls most of the state's electricity.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mayor Names Ray Cortines Key Advisor for Education
    Ram--n Cortines was education advisor during the Clinton Administration. He has headed school districts in New York, San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles. He was Superintendent of the LAUSD for six months in the year 2000. Now he's signed on with Mayor Villaraigosa, who's fighting for more control of the schools with the current Superintendent, Roy Romer, and the elected school board.

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