High Hopes, Low Expectations for Iraqi Democracy

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Although Iraq-s rejection of renewed UN weapons inspections could strengthen President Bush-s argument against Saddam Hussein, is the US ready to go to war? Last weekend, Vice President Cheney and Secretaries Rumsfeld and Powell met with leading Iraqi dissident groups, in part to reassure the international community that Saddam can be overthrown and replaced without plunging Iraq and the Middle East into continuing turmoil. But with the opposition so fragmented, is Iraq ready for democracy? We hear more from a leading Iraqi dissident, a former US ambassador to NATO, Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer and a former UN official for the Oil-for-Food Program in Iraq.
  • Newsmaker: Judge Blocks Closing of Daniel Freeman Hospital
    A superior court judge has granted a preliminary injunction against Tenet Healthcare-s intended closure of Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital. The judge ruled that, based on Daniel Freeman-s non-profit status, the nation-s third largest hospital operator did not properly consult with the community when making its plans. Russ Wiederspahn of City News Service looks at the reasons and remedies for today-s action.

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