Homeland Security Funding for Los Angeles

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Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, chairs of the 9/11 Commission, urged the Senate to allocate homeland-security money to the places where the risk of terrorism is the greatest, but local politics won out. So, rural states will get 40 percent of the funds regardless of relative vulnerability. In the aftermath of the London bombings, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff did make a risk assessment of public transit and cut funding by one-third of what it was last year. Meantime, local officials are scratching their heads, trying to figure out why 73 sites in Los Angeles County were chosen for special protection. We speak with Councilman Jack Weiss and Rand's Jack Riley about how some of the dollars will be allocated in Los Angeles County.
  • Making News: Two San Diego Councilmen Convicted on Corruption Charges
    After just three days of deliberations, a jury has convicted the acting Mayor of San Diego and another councilman of extortion, wire fraud and conspiracy. Michael Zucchet and Ralph Inzunza now face four years in federal prison. Also convicted was the lobbyist for Cheetah strip club, who wanted restrictions on lap-dancing reduced. Phil Lavelle, who writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune, says today's verdict leaves the city "rudderless."
  • Reporter's Notebook: Governor Schwarzenegger and His Supplements
    Governor Schwarzenegger won't be getting $5 million to $8 million for writing columns in Flex and Muscle & Fitness Magazines. In the wake of last week's flap about apparent conflict of interest, he's cancelled his contract. But he's keeping the money he's already been paid, and he'll continue to write for those magazines, insisting he's done nothing wrong. Michael Hiltzik, who writes the "Golden State" column for the LA Times, says he's not so sure.

San Diego Councilman Michael Zucchet

SD Councilman Ralph Inzunza

SD Councilwoman Donna Frye

Right to Vote on Taxes Initiative (Prop 218, 1996)

9-11 Commission

DHS Secretary Chertoff-s Six-Point Agenda for Department of Homeland Security

Prohibited Substances Bill (SB 37, 2005)

Steroids and Performance-enhancing Dietary Substances Bill (SB 1630, 2004)

Hiltzik-s article on Schwarzenegger ties to dietary supplements industry



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