Hong Kong

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Stanley Rosen: Political Science Professor, USC. Specialist in comparative politics and international relations in Asia. Author of numerous books and articles on China. Yueke Lu: Chinese Deputy Counsel stationed at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles. Peter Chan: Hong Kong film director and producer. Won numerous awards for several films, including "Comrades: Almost a Love Story" and "He's a Woman, She's a Man." Willem van Kemenade: Journalist covering China and southeast Asia for 20 years; author of new book: "China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Inc." Evelyn Iritani: Los Angeles Times staff writer, major contributor to The Times' recent special section on Hong Kong. Paul Matthews: President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Matthews International Capital Management, based in San Francisco. Specialist in Asian markets. Lived in Hong Kong during the 1980s. Michael Capizzi: Orange County District Attorney Carroll Bogart: International Correspondent, Newsweek

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