How Do Hotel Subsidies Benefit City Taxpayers?

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The Los Angeles City Council is moving forward with nearly $180 million in tax subsidies for two major hotel projects. The goal? To boost construction around downtown’s Convention Center and lure developers who say it’s not worth it to them without an added bonus. And it could be a permanent tax subsidy. Can LA afford it when City Hall already struggles to fill potholes or respond quickly to fires? We’ll hear the pros and cons of enticing big name developers to build what – and where - city officials desire.

Also: What does your neighborhood smell like to you? We’ll hear from an artist who’s mapped the scent of the city.

Banner Image: Demolition of the Wilshire Grand Hotel, at 7th and Figueroa Streets, in Downtown Los Angeles. It will be replaced with the Wilshire Grand Tower, which will be part of a mixed-use hotel, retail, and office complex. Image Credit: Downtowngal