Human Cloning

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Still in its infancy, human cloning is close to becoming technologically possible. Even opponents concede that it will be inevitable. They want to make sure the process occurs in the open, not in clandestine laboratories that are closed to public scrutiny. Will cloning be used for therapeutic purposes, or to extend the lives of those who can afford not to die? How will our legal system balance biologic and genetic paternity? We weigh the morality, legality and future of this "science fiction coming true, with ethicists, scientists, and the genetic researcher who created "Dolly," the sheep.
  • Newsmaker: Energy, State Bailout or Buyout? - While Governor Davis accelerates construction of new power plants in the hopes of staving off summer blackouts, uncertainty remains over the fate of utility companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Should it be bailout or buyout? State Treasurer Phil Angelides is opting for buyout.

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