Hunger and Terror in California

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In Sacramento, the FBI says a 23 year-old from Lodi admits that he trained with al Qaeda in Pakistan and then chose to come back to the United States to "kill Americans" in hospitals and large food stores. Hamid Hayat is an American citizen whose family makes frequent trips to and from Pakistan. Hayat's father, Umer Hayat, was also arrested for lying to the FBI about his son's involvement. Muslim community leaders are doubtful about that claim and shocked that two religious leaders are also being held. We hear more about what's happening from Henry Lee, who's covering the story for the San Francisco Daily Journal, and Basim Elkarra, of the Muslim advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
  • Making News: Senate Confirmation of Janice Brown Gives Arnold High Court Pick
    California Justice Janice Rogers Brown was confirmed as a federal appellate-court judge today by the US Senate. That will give Governor Schwarzenegger his first chance to make an appointment to the state Supreme Court. Peter Blumberg covers the court for the legal paper, the San Francisco Daily Journal, reports on the nomination process as well as likely replacement candidates.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Chronic Hunger a Growing Problem in California
    As many as three million low-income Californians don't get enough to eat every day. While the biggest increase in hunger is among those older than 65, 34% of those who go hungry are working full time. That's according to UCLA researchers who talked to 12,000 low-income people. Michael Flood, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, has more on the growing problem and what's being done to counter it.

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