Hunger in Los Angeles County 2001

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, a new report on hunger in Los Angeles County finds that at some time of the year, one half million people go hungry, including many working adults and their children. The scourge has spared neither citizens nor professionals, and children are disproportionately affected. For low-income people, the high cost of living in LA County exacerbates the problem, as does the government's shifting the burden of providing assistance to private charitable organizations. Michael Flood, of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, has the latest on the scandal of hunger in times of affluence.
  • Newsmaker: Governor Talks Budget with Legislative Leaders - California's revenue shortfall for the next two years is 14.5 billion dollars, the worst decline since World War II. The state constitution mandates that the budget be balanced. Lynda Gledhill, of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that education, housing, healthcare and transportation will likely all face cuts.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Sara Jane Olson Revokes Her Guilty Plea - Two weeks ago, Sara Jane Olson pleaded guilty to helping the Symbionese Liberation Army plant bombs on LA police cars in 1975. After telling reporters she was innocent, she returned to court and pleaded guilty again. Now, she's moved to withdraw that plea. Garry Abrams, of the Daily Journal, LA's legal newspaper, has a courtroom update.

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