If the Water Doesn't Get You, Watch Out for the Sand

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As the sun came out today on Southern California beaches, Heal the Bay announced its latest report card on water pollution. Most California beaches had very good water quality last year, but not all. The report shows that you can go to the beach in a multi-million-dollar neighborhood--including Surfrider Beach in Malibu, but it may not be safe for swimming. Also among the worst, are the Santa Monica Pier, Avalon on Catalina, Will Rogers where Chautauqua Boulevard hits the Pacific Coast Highway, and several locations in north Santa Monica Bay. We hear about the southland's best and worst beaches, and find out why the sand may be more dangerous than the water.
  • Making News: State Supreme Court Revives the High School Exit Exam
    The State Supreme Court has reinstated the High School Exit Exam, thrown out by a local judge just two weeks ago. Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell says he was pleased with what he called a clear victory for public education, even though 47 thousand students won't graduate because they failed to pass. Jill Tucker reports on education for the Oakland Tribune.

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