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George Vernez: Director, Center for Research on Immigration Policy Rand Corporation. Co-author of Rand's recent study on immigration. Gregory Rodriguez: Associate Editor, Pacific News Service. Research Fellow at the Pepperdine Institute for Public Policy. Author of a study on the Latino Middle Class in Southern California. Mark Krikorian: Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington D.C. based organization. Joel Millman: Mexico City correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. Author of a new book on immigration: The Other Americans: How Immigrants Renew Our Country, Our Economy And Our Values. Juan Jose Gutierrez: Executive Director, One Stop Immigration and Education Center. Ian Rankin: Consul and Program Manager for the Immigration Section of the Canadian Consulate - General in Los Angeles. John Semcken: Vice President of Majestic Realty; project executive for the downtown arena project. Gil Garcetti: Los Angeles District Attorney.



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