Immigration Law, the Confusion Continues

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When it comes to volunteer border patrols, the Bush Administration has not been speaking with one voice. President Bush has warned that citizen volunteer border patrols could turn into "vigilantes." But like Governor Schwarzenegger, the President's immigration enforcement chief, Bob Bonner, praised such groups and said that he might organize patrols of his own. Today, the Department Bonner works for, Homeland Security, said there are no such plans. On Saturday, the issue moved to California, when a group called California Minutemen took up posts near the border town of Campo. We hear the latest from reporters, border-watchers and immigration-rights advocates.
  • Making News: Judge Throws Out Case against Arizona Students
    Today, Judge John Richardson threw out the case against four high school students brought to the US illegally when they were under the age of 7. As winners of a high-school science prize, they went to New York to compete in a national contest. Their status was discovered by immigration officials when they visited Niagara Falls at the Canadian border. We hear more about the case of racial profiling from a reporter for the Arizona Republic and Luis Nava, now a graduate of Arizona State University.

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