In Hollywood, the Plot Thickens as Pellicano Inquiry Expands

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In 2002, the FBI seized 10,000 audiotapes from the offices of private investigator Anthony Pellicano. Some were encrypted, and it's taken until now to decode them. In the meantime, Pellicano's being held without bail, indicted on 112 federal counts of conducting a criminal enterprise on behalf of a lot of clients with very big names. The latest of 14 co-defendants is movie director John McTiernan, accused of lying to the FBI about the wiretapping of producer Charles Roven. Roven becomes the 81st of Pellicano's alleged victims to be named so far. Two weeks from now, documents in the Pellicano case are scheduled to be unsealed. What's already become a real life soap opera could be getting a lot of new characters. Who's next? We hear the latest.
  • Making News: Rain, Enough Already!We're in for a couple more days of rain, but it's nothing compared to the past month in Northern California, thanks to another La Ni--a cycle. We get a prediction and a progress report from Mark Jackson, meteorologist for the National Weather Service, and UC Davis geologist Jeffrey Mount.



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