Inglewood Police Brutality

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A civil rights suit was filed in federal court today as the County Sheriff, District Attorney, Inglewood police and FBI continue their investigation into the videotaped beating of a handcuffed 16-year-old black boy by a white Inglewood policeman. The only official account, a Sheriff's report written before the tape was made public, contradicts the story provided by the victim and his father. While details leading up to the taped events may be in dispute, civic and civil rights leaders have roundly condemned the officer's use of force. We hear from the attorney representing the victim's family, a civil rights activist, and an attorney who has represented several law enforcement officers about civil rights, police abuse, and the difficulty of determining what really happened.
  • Newsmaker: Beginning of California-s 2002 Power Emergencies Yesterday, California saw its first Stage 1 power alert since last summer. The continuing heat wave has cut available reserves to 5 percent and a Stage 2 alert. Large commercial customers are voluntarily reducing their electrical consumption. Although Peter Navarro, associate professor of economics and public policy at UC Irvine, doesn't expect a rerun of last year, he's not optimistic about progress on energy conservation or reform.

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