Inglewood Police Trial and the Justice System

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Last week, a jury saw the videotape of a black 17-year-old being slammed into a squad car and punched in the face by a white Inglewood Police Officer. Donovan Jackson himself was the first witness in Jeremy Morse-s trial for assault under the color of authority. On cross-examination, Jackson contradicted statements he-d made to investigators and the grand jury. Today, a second witness testified about Jackson-s mental condition. The beating has led to comparison with a 1992 case of disturbing historical precedent for Southern California. We update Morse-s trial, and hear about race and the presumption of innocence in the justice system, with a political analyst and the attorney who defended Stacey Koon in the federal Rodney King trial.
  • Making News: Senate Narrows Budget Differences
    Sacramento Republicans remain adamant about no new taxes to help reduce the state-s $38 billion budget gap. Democrats are ready to cut, but not to destroy -fundamental institutions.- Today, reporters heard from the state-s most powerful legislator, San Francisco Democrat John Burton, President Pro Tem of the Senate. Lynda Gledhill of the San Francisco Chronicle puts today's events and the ongoing budget impasse in context.

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Gledhill's article on state Senate's budget negotiations



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