Initiatives: The Fourth Branch of California Government

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California-s most potent political weapon may not be the Terminator. Ever since Prop 13 capped the property tax in 1978, Californians have been legislating by the initiative, a vote of the people. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was elected in a classic example of direct democracy after Gray Davis was recalled, says he-ll ask for a vote of the people if the legislature doesn-t give him what he wants. Democratic lawmakers agreed to rescind a recent law granting drivers- licenses to illegal workers only after opponents agreed not to repeal the law with an initiative on the March ballot that would have precluded a compromise bill with the Governor. Whatever happened to representative government? We hear from a Sacramento columnist, a Republican strategist and an expert in governmental ethics.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Roy Disney Calls on Michael Eisner to Resign
    Roy Disney has resigned from the Walt Disney Corporation Board of Directors with an angry blast at Michael Eisner, the man he helped hire as chairman and CEO. The nephew of Walt Disney, whose departure cuts the last family tie to the entertainment combine, says the company has -lost its focus, its creative energy and its heritage.- Bruce Orwall is West Coast entertainment editor for the Wall Street Journal.

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