Interview with Governor Gray Davis

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All over California, voters say they-re turned off by the race for Governor. Both sides are using negative TV spots. Incumbent Democrat Gray Davis is accused of mismanaging the power crisis and serving the needs of special interests who-ve contributed record amounts to his re-election. Last week, Bill Simon-s campaign accused -someone acting on Davis- behalf- of trying to keep secret a potentially damaging document. Davis accused his GOP challenger of a -dirty trick,- and said that Simon -ought to resign in shame.- Today, full documentation finally was released, and the Governor-s name is on it. Governor Davis responds to these charges, and talks about his four years in office and this year-s campaign.
  • Newsmaker: Secessionists Might Fight in Court after Election
    In order for secession to pass, over 50% of voters in the affected area as well as those citywide must approve. While a Hollywood victory appears unlikely, the San Fernando Valley may win enough votes to break away. Howard Fine, who reports for the Los Angeles Business Journal, says that even if the measure fails citywide, secessionists- have designed post-election strategies in the courts and the legislature.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Winona Ryder-s Jury
    Actress Wynona Ryder-s shoplifting trial started today before a jury that includes former Sony producer Peter Guber, a Hollywood program developer and the husband of a Disney exec. Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, a nationally recognized jury consultant, looks at the prosecutor-s motive in allowing some of the jurors, other potential conflicts of interest and the element of jury sympathy for the Hollywood star.



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