Investigating the Department of Children and Family Services

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Two top officials of the LA County Child Welfare Department have filed claims against the department for deliberately falsifying at least three reports on child fatalities. The department's been under fire since an independent investigator said it violated state law by failing to make public at least 60 such cases. We hear from Department Director Trish Ploehn. Also, the Westlake neighborhood near MacArthur Park is in a state of upheaval after a fatal shooting by the LAPD, two nights of street protests and more than 20 arrests. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Gulf oil spill and Middle East peace talks have diverted President Obama from what voters care about most: the economy. Is it too late to make a difference before November's elections?



Warren Olney


Sonya Geis, Katie Cooper