Iranian Filmmaker Tahmineh Milani

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Hollywood luminaries have come to the aid of an Iranian film director charged with misusing her art and helping others wage war against God. Tahmineh Milani faces trial and possible execution for charges brought by Iran's Revolutionary Council, even though she's been defended in public by that country's elected President. We speak with the filmmaker's husband, Mohammad Nikbin, about Hidden Half, her case, and the status of women in Iran. Then, film critic Godfrey Cheshire joins us for a discussion about world class cinema under the eyes of an Islamic theocracy.
  • Newsmaker: Mayor Hahn on LAX Security, Anti-Secession Fight - Atlanta's airport was shut down today after a man ran through a security check without being screened. At the same time, Congress passed the Airport Security Act. LA Mayor Jim Hahn, who heads a national task force on airport security, talks about the bill, new safety measures at LAX, and his latest fight against San Fernando Valley secession.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Ms Magazine to Move West - It's been 30 years since Ms magazine was founded by Gloria Steinem and friends. Now, several owners later, Ms is moving to LA. Eleanor Smeal heads the Feminist Majority Foundation, the newest publisher of the magazine. She addresses the challenges of a bi-coastal operation and the future of the longstanding feminist magazine.

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