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Dr. Joseph Collins: Recently retired Army Col. Senior fellow in Political-Military Studies, Center for Strategic International Studies. Served in the Pentagon during the 1991 Gulf War - was in Israel for the war. Adjunct professor at both Columbia and Georgetown. Ramsey Clark: Former US attorney General. F.C. Najia: Publisher, Mid East Mirror, a digest of articles from the Middle Eastern press. Based in London. Janet Aviad: Active member of Peace Now in Israel. Former professor of sociology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem; now heads a private education and environmental organization. Richard Betts: Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institute for War and Peace Studies at Columbia University; Director of National Security Studies, Council on Foreign Relations. George Kieffer: Chair, Los Angeles appointed charter commission. Pat Nolan: President, Justice Fellowship, a subsidiary of Charles Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries, which advocates a Biblically based framework for reforming America's criminal justice system. Former state assemblyman who served time in prison for criminal racketeering.

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